• Max Cui

    Max Cui

    A person who is passionate about technologies such as Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and Machine Learning/AI. Currently working on a QCNN for Image Recognition!

  • Ava Lee

    Ava Lee

    I'm Ava, a 15-year-old student and innovator The Knowledge Society in Vancouver, BC!

  • Ziling Zhong

    Ziling Zhong

  • Rohan Jagtap

    Rohan Jagtap

    Hey everyone! My name is Rohan, a 16-year-old high school student learning about Artificial Intelligence. Read my articles to learn more about it!

  • Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown

    TKS Innovator

  • Saesha Kukreja

    Saesha Kukreja

    Imaginative and ambitious individual who strives to impact change through writing

  • Jolie Li

    Jolie Li

    I’m a 15-year-old innovator who writes about my journey in building and learning about rising technology like virtual reality.

  • Veer Dosi

    Veer Dosi

    Veer Dosi is a hustler, entrepreneur, and innovator building out side hustles and upskilling. veerdosi.com

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